Aura of Torah | Chukat; Perpetual Mitzvot and the Red Heifer
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15 Jul Chukat; Perpetual Mitzvot and the Red Heifer


red heiferChukat-
Perpetual Mitzvot and the Red Heifer

A person cannot be absolutely pure in this world as absolutes cannot exist (except for Knowing there is G-d).

Like the one who performs the ceremony of the red heifer, in doing this mitzvah he must have (acquire for and during the process) an amount… a drop of din(stern judgment [ associated with strength, might] ). He himself (in the process of the mitzvah of purifying others) becomes paradoxically impure, and must engage in further mitzvoth to purify himself.

In fact, whenever we perform a mitzvah we always need a drop of din. This din may ‘carry forward’ and its’ potential may become actualized later to facilitate our next mitzvah …. And so on. If it is not sufficiently elevated through mitzvot, the din will serve to fuel transgressions (averas…sin).
The process of the mitzvoth is then a perpetual and eternal process.

This concept can be applied to the idea that ‘the reward for a mitzvah is a mitzvah’.

This is a demonstration of the perpetual power of opposites in this world and the power of mitzvot.

Leib Getzel (Lawrence) Lax
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