Aura of Torah | Parshas Balak- In The Moment (1)
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07 Jul Parshas Balak- In The Moment (1)

inspired by the teachings of Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh and Rabbi Moshe Genuth

In the Moment

In Parshas Balak, Balak King of Moab hires Balaam to curse the Jewish Nation. As we know that G-d is Infinite and lacks nothing, we also know that he does not lack the ability to be angry.  Balaam the ‘prophet’ has the unique ability to know the one moment each day when G-d is angry, and is hied to capitalize on that moment to use his ability to get G-d to curse the Jewish Nation .

Prophecy is an ‘in the moment’ experience.


A Moment
A moment may be defined as an amount of time, usually brief, or as a period of time or point in history (as in a moment in history). But all definitions of a moment are in agreement on the single mutual concept; a specific point in time of a ‘moment’ is indeterminable. It cannot be defined.


Time and creation-

When we look at Creation in the Torah in Parshas Bereishit we are able through Kabbalistic insight to begin to understand time.


The first letter of the Torah is ‘beit’ which has a gematria value of 2  suggesting a pluralistic world of the physical and spiritual. This is the point referred to as ‘the beginning’. The actual specific point of creation cannot be determined as it is ex-nihilo, something from nothing… or from the realm of infinity (ein sof). Nothingness like Infinity cannot be quantified


Before Time was enclothed in Space (a pluralistic representation of the letter Beit-2), Time remained undefined. Time exists in this world and beyond. It is a component of all creation. The Torah and Mitzvot are a conduit of G-ds Infinity and Time is a component  of the effects of the actions of Run and Return of spiritual energies.  The greater our ability to put Torah, Mitzvot into Action, the more we are able to connect to the infinite through the mechanism of Run and Return (shov – ratzon)
A clue to the understanding of Time and a Moment can be found in the first verse of the Torah; ‘In the beginning’. We must first understand that in the Torah and the Laws of Physics (yes they too are in the Torah) there are no absolutes. So where for example there is a circle, the absolute centre ( the center of the center point) can never be defined. It can always be‘more’ of the center. Therefore, the center point of anything is ultimately infinite.


Where the Torah says ‘In the beginning’, the BEGINNING is more of a  general description to the concept of IN. IN then refers to  the center  point of ‘the beginning’ , and as we have said, the center point anything , in this case ‘the beginning’ is infinite, thus something from nothing (infinity). The sages thus say that the universe was created with infinity, and the infinite tool used to created the universe was TIME. IN the Beginning refers to the CENTER INFINIITE POINT of the ethereal beginning.


Mazel and Time
The Mazel – Constellations is the last point of ‘deterministic’ flow as we know to enter this world,  . A Jewish neshama can override the deterministic flow of the stars and reach the highest realms.  This actually describes the mechanism of Tshuva. We can metaphysically go back in time to make change.(Time Symmetry Reversal, A. Bernstein).


The acquiring of a greater our experience of shalom, completion (peace, serenity… symmetry)  leads to a greater our ability to use each moment to the greatest potential


We can accomplish the necessary powerful spiritual connection (not limited to a single moment), but eventually enables us to access the potential of all moments as they become one eternal moment.


We can do this through the elevating program of wellness such as 12 Steps of Recovery  and  Torah, programs that encourage unifying our minds and hearts by  ‘Living , Learning , and Teaching’ the principles of righteous ways.


Tools of the Baal Shem Tov
The Baal Shem Tov  teaches the Chassidic philosophy of Chash Mal Mal  or Sweetness Separation and Sweetening. In brief it refers to; 1- humility and silence to be able to receive. 2- Separating ourselves from a previous less rectified reality to give birth to a new elevated state of being. 3-having done the necessary work of mind, heart and action, G-ds Divinity, His Sweetness will be bestowed upon you.


To appreciate and harness the power and potential of each moment, a program of clarity and rectification is essential

To be ‘in the moment ‘ is to have true authentic clarity of and in that moment.., and to be able to recognize and utilize the power of that  intimate connection to G-d s infinity.

May all your moment be used to the greatest potential as G-ds Will and…

May your efforts be blessed with His Sweetness.

Don’t waste a moment

Leib Getzel (Lawrence) Lax
Addictions and Counseling (Hnrs)