Aura of Torah | Parshas Beshalach; Splitting of the Waters
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25 Jan Parshas Beshalach; Splitting of the Waters

Parshas Beshalach
Splitting of the Waters
From the teachings of HaRav Yitzchak Ginsburgh 


There are powerful connection between Torah and Science. One such example is the connection of Torah and Photosynthesis.  More specific to this idea is Photolysis, the process of breaking down water to oxygen  which is life sustaining.


The unit of 10’s is throughout the Torah, and these units of 10 are often broken down in to various units.

  • 10 utterances of Creation  broken down as 1 (‘In the beginning’) +9
  • 10 commandments  as 5+5 tablets
  • 10 sefirot – emanations of light as 3 upper (intellectual ) and 7 lower (emotive)

These are just a few examples. So now we can look at the ‘10’ of the splitting of the Sea.


All the waters split [in the entire world], refers back to Creation and the splitting of the waters ; higher and lower waters, and the firmament in between (note that there are 10 levels of malachim within the firmament.


The relationship of photolysis and splitting of the Sea is that during photolysis the water molecule H20 is split into 2- Hydrogen (atomic number 1) for a total atomic weight of 2 , and 1- oxygen (atomic number of 8) for a total 8. Therefore, waterH20 has a total atomic number of 2+8=10.


During the process the splitting of hydrogen(2) and oxygen(8) is the infusion of light[as in photolysis]. A transformation then takes place allowing the plant to produce oxygen that we breathe… a life force.


As all the water in the world splits, it splits into the division of 2+8, allowing G-ds Light to penetrate the universe and the Jewish people in a fantastic miracle. As the sea waters split, a path of reveal (the dry land) led the Jews to Sinai where they received the 10 commandments. Just as in photolysis , the Jews became infused with G-ds light.  However at the receiving of the 10 commandments  2 commandments were heard directly by the Nation, and the balance of 8 commandments were delivered to them by Moses…. 2+8.


Tshuvah is also referred to as the ‘waters of Tshuva’.  When we seperate out, or split away the holy from the impure through the process of our Tshuvah, we create a space… a void to be filled with G-ds Light, His Divinity to elevate us.


Leib Getzel (Lawrence) Lax
Addictions and Counseling (Hnrs)