Aura of Torah | Parshas Eikev ; seeing, hearing and cheshbon hanefesh
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01 Sep Parshas Eikev ; seeing, hearing and cheshbon hanefesh

eyeLast week parshas Eikev spoke to the sense of ‘hearing’, an experience of the heart (emotive). This weeks parshas Re’eh speaks to the sense of ’seeing’, an experience of the mind (intellect). When the senses of hearing and seeing become elevated and unified as one, they culminate as the lofty experience of Knowledge- Daat. This was the experience at Sinai as ‘they saw the sounds’.

The month of Elul is a powerful month of change. As we prepare for the High Holidays, we engage in the practice of doing a cheshbon hanefesh … a personal inventory. This is something that Torah Wisdom has shared with millions in self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous known in their teachings as doing ‘a searching and fearless inventory’.

We do this exercise by putting pen to paper, not by computer. We then are able to channel the powers of our mind and our heart as one through the action of our writing. We can thus reflect on the power of Knowledge-Daas our writings hold… the keys to our self transformation.

Lawrence (Leib Getzel) Lax
Addictions and Counselling (Honours)