Aura of Torah | Pesach; Bricks and Morter – A Kabbalistic Insight
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14 Apr Pesach; Bricks and Morter – A Kabbalistic Insight

BabelBricks and Morter
A Kabbalistic insight of the enslavement in Mitzrayim

Those who sinned by building the Tower of Bavel were reincarnated as those enslaved in Mitzrayim. It was a kapara (atonement and rectification) for the sin of the bricks and morter of the building of the Tower of Bavel for the Israelites to make the bricks as ordered by the Pharaoh of Egypt in the story of Pesach; ‘You must impose upon them the same quota of bricks as they have made until now’.
Exodus 5;8 – the Kehot Chumash

Leib Getzel (Lawrence) Lax
Addictions and Counselling (Hnrs)
(Tower of Babel painting; H. Fox)