Aura of Torah | Parshas Pinchas; In The Moment (2)
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14 Jul Parshas Pinchas; In The Moment (2)

Last week  I wrote a drash on Parshas Balak; In The Moment. I describe a moment as having a center point, and that because there are no absolutes in this world, the center point of anything is infinite. So, any and all moments (eventually culminating as a single eternal moment) hold the potential of connecting to infinity….The Infinite.

The model known as The Kabbalah Tree of Life can be used to understand a mechanism that allows us to tap into the power of the infinite center. The Tree will show a ‘right axis’ as Wisdom of the Mind (intellect), and a ‘left axis’ as Wisdom of the Heart (emotive). We need to nurture the potential of both through the mechanisms contained within the learning and living of the righteous ways of Torah.  When this is done in an appropriate manner, the result is the greatest connection to the Middle Axis, also known as the Pillar of Torah or The Axis of Truth, the axis that culminates the harmony, symmetry and equilibrium of one’s Mind and Heart thus allowing for the greatest connection to Truth…  G-d’s Truth… His Infinite Wisdom.

As it was for Balaam to have prophecy for destructive purposes, but for only a moment each day, it was the prophetic ability  Pinchas, along with his gift of zeal, to act quickly and save the Jewish Nation.  Although there were great prophets amongs the Jewish Nation at the time, including Moshe, the greatest of all, it was Pinchas unique connection that made it possible  for him to have the tremendous clarity on Mind and Action of Heart  to put his life in danger to save  the Nation. He was not rebuked for killing Kozbi and Zimri , but was rewarded with the only ‘additional’ appointment to be a Kohen.

In the moments of our lives are contained the potential to have a greater Truth… a greater connection to G-d’s Infinity. How we live, learn and apply the Righteous Way Torah..the commandments and the philosophies, as well as those incorporating the 12 Steps or Recovery into their lives, help  determine our potential to have the most abundant connection. Every person needs to find and use his unique ability. The more ‘symmetrical and balanced’ we are, the better our ability to have clarity on the Middle Axis, The Axis of G-ds Truth,  and a more pure connection to the Infinite Being.  We must emulate the Clarity and Zeal of Pinchas.
Leib Getzel (Lawrence) Lax
Addictions and Counseling