Aura of Torah | SHAVUOT – A Colourful Kabbalistic Insight: Why We Eat Dairy
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09 Jun SHAVUOT – A Colourful Kabbalistic Insight: Why We Eat Dairy

color sefirot Inspired by the teachings of Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh and Rabbi Moshe Genuth

During the Omer and the counting of the 49 Days that lead up to Shavuos, the 50th Gate of Understanding (binah), we focus on the counting and daily meditations of the  (lower) 7 emotive (heart) experiences of the sefirot. There are 10 sefirot in total . The other 3 (upper) sefirot are referred to as the Intellectual (mind) sefirot. Kabbalistically, each of the sefirot are associated with a color. The lower or emotive 7 sefirot are reflected by the colors of the rainbow.

During the Omer, we strive to achieve   rectified midos -character through the process of the counting throughout the 7 week period of the Omer. Each week’s sefirot( its  power, emanation, energy) and the daily combinations or interinclusion of the 7 emotive emanations of the sefirot of the 49 Days,  hold  a certain power of rectification of character for each of the days of the Omer.

Keter (Crown of Torah) is the loftiest of all (and does not form  part of the lower 7 emotive experiences associated with the weeks and days of the Omer). Keter is associated with translucent white (purity).

Gevurah is one of the 7 emotive experience  and is the emanation of Din-Judgment (might-strength). Gevurah is red.

On Shavuos as we approach the 50th Gate of Understanding, with, God-Willing, a rectified heart to receive the Torah, we have the strong custom to refrain from eating meat and instead eat dairy. The Crown of Torah comes to rest upon us.

A kabbalistic insight teaches us that the reason for this is that milk  as dairy is as Keter which is white, lofty and pure, whereas the meat is, as Gevurah, red as is judgment and might.

Lawrence (Leib Getzel) Lax
Addictions and Counseling (Hnrs)