Aura of Torah | Shofar; See the Sounds – G-ds Breath and the Large Hadron Collider
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30 Sep Shofar; See the Sounds – G-ds Breath and the Large Hadron Collider

shofar-the-10-sefirot-of-speech-diagram-_2_Torah and Science

inspired by the teachings of HaRav Yitzchak Ginsburgh and Rabbi Moshe Genuth

The great Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Luria , the Holy Ari (1534-1572), speaks about the breath  flowing over and colliding with the emanations (the sefirot) in the mouth, then passing through the tzimtzum of the lips. The breath the becomes the elevating sound, the tshuvah of the shofar

As the World was created with 10 utterances, so too the experience f the shofar parallels the power to give birth to creation anew.

The letter Hei is associated with G-ds breath. The gematria (numerical value) of the letter hei is 5. The letter Hei is associated with the 5 levels of the nishama. This is expressed in Bereishit ;  ‘G-d blew into his (Adam’s) nostrils’. The breath or Hei of G-d animates the 5 spiritual levels of the nishama (soul) in the body.

It was with G-ds ‘breath’ that brought forth the 10 Utterances (aka the 10 Sefirot) that were the building blocks of the universe.  All ‘10’s are referred to Kabbalistically as ‘complete units’ such as the 10 commandments.

The letter Hei also corresponds to one of the 4 realms (or worlds) as each of the 4 letters of the tetragrammaton on G-ds  Name  Y- K- V-K; the world of Emanation, Creation, Formation and Action.

The letter Hei corresponds to the world of Creation and the world of Action.  As the breath (Hei) passes through the body, it is supported by the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the separating boundary of the higher levels of the neshama and the neshamas lowest point, the nefesh or animal soul. The diaphragm corresponds to the firmament that is interim to the Higher and Lower Waters (or Higher and Lower Heavens).

The breath then ascends through the body and continues up through the mouth and lips of the shofar blower thus sounding the shofar.

The shofar blower is a conduit for the breath that ultimately culminates as the sound of the shofar that will uplift the tshuvah of all who hear it.

The 10 Sefirot (10 Emanations) are Kabbalistic building blocks of the Universe. The 10 Sefirot have corresponding radiant points in mouth that interact with the flow of the breath and play a role in the process of speech and function the same way during the blowing and sounding of the shofar.  (see diagram  mouth below )

A look at modern Physics and the LHC (Cerne- Large Hadron Collider) we learn that the purpose of the Collider is to smash particles  to the smallest  possible point and by doing so find the key to creation. What is then revealed is a greater understanding of the ‘Higgs Boson’ particle aka the ‘g-d particle’.  By taking something larger (particles)  and breaking it down, we can see things more clearly in their smaller parts. This is what happens with the makris (blasts) of the shofar: tokiah /shevarim -teruah / tokiah. We are breaking down our tshuva (repentance-return) into smaller, more ‘manageable pieces, to then be enclothed (wrapped up) in the final blast of the Tokiah and sent heavenward with the sounding of the shofar.

The revelation of the Higgs Boson particle research shows us that at the level of a particle, the Higgs Boson particle act s as a tzimtzum (contraction) for energy to pass from it  to excite (energize) other particles and thereby form mass…. Demonstrating the principles found in Kabbalah as Something from Nothing (ex nihilo). Science has not yet determined the source of energy, or what created the Higgs Boson particle or force field in the first place. However science is looking at theories that precede the Higgs Boson that are remarkably similar to Kabbalistic Wisdom.  Today science refers to the pre-Higgs state as ‘the blackness’. In Torah we understand that ‘from the darkness comes the light ‘.  The blackness being a state of potential for spiritual sparks …energy. The dark or black state is an interim state of transformation of the Nothingness to Something …mass. We say then that the source of everything is Nothingness or Infinity as the ultimate source f everything is an Infinite Being.

The breath of the shofar blower achieves the necessary velocity as it is forced upward by the diaphragm. Once the breath reaches enters the mouth cavity (the breath encounter the emanation of Malchut-Kingship. The breath then encounters the tongue with represents Tiferet- Beauty /Harmony, An interesting principle of physics takes place know as Bournoullis Principle. The tongue plays a role like the wing of a airplane which actually creates a vacuum  or lift  ( a negative space) which is then ‘filled’ with goodness. As the breath is   accelerating and elevating the breath it mirrors the principles of the LHC collider accelerates particles.
See Diagram Bernoullis Principle below;

We might then see from this model of physics and the HIggs Bosson theory  that just as there is an infinite flow of G-ds energy in to this World that descend to create ‘something-ness’ , there can be an reverse ascending energy , as spiritual energy from the Jew to go above and  beyond the deterministic flow, the Mazel. Just a s the flow descends from the Heavens above to create something from nothing, the opposite or return aka ‘tshuva’ from the physical world of something to the spiritual worlds of nothingness. We can transcend the boundaries of  time/.space as we know it in this World. We can creating a corridor,  or the blackness of black hole(worm hole),  that allows us spiritually to transcend time/space of this world, and go back in time and erase our transgressions… Tshuvah.  As it relates to the shofar; the understandings of the collapsing of particles as in the LHCollider  also occurs in the mouth of the shofar blower as the emanations (sefirot ) that are mapped in the mouth collide with the flow of air (Hei) . There is a breaking down in the mouth of physical and spiritual particles that are then resurrected through the lips as we hear Tokiah- Shevarim/Teruah-Tokiah. The blasts are elevated through the tzimtzum of the lips (in the same manner as from the infinite came the light), and then physically and spiritually unified as the harmonious sound of the shofar (see ‘they saw the sounds’; harmonic overtone series).  The sounding and vibrations of the shofar is likened to a tuning fork to restore symmetry to a Jew, the Jewish Nation and the World… Tikun Olam.

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